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Lesbian sex in long leather coats part1

August 5, 2020,   November 3, 2017

Hot blondes Nikki and Shona are getting very horny from watching, touching and smelling each others real leather coats.

Contains: blonde, coats/jackets, boots, gloves, girl/girl

Leather and satin cock tease part 1

August 1, 2020,   9 mins 29

I know what you need: a good, long tease and I am wearing just the perfect outfit for it. Your cock gets hard instantly when I seduce you with my sexy body, satin shirt and beautiful leather outfit. I want you to lay down and enjoy the ride as I am going to tease you so hard.

Contains: POV, handjob, skirts, corset, pantyhose, high heels

Outdoor fun in leather leggings

July 28, 2020,   11 mins 46

It's always leather weather! Vicky is enjoying some free time in the garden, dressed in her leather boots, leggings and jacket. She loves the feeling of leather and satin on her naked skin...she feels herself getting very horny and decides to start playing with herself. The taste of leather is so good! It is perfect for making her wet and wank her pussy inside her shiny leggings.

Contains: outdoors, trousers, solo, masturbation, boots, coats/jackets

Enforced leather glove milking

July 24, 2020,   11 mins 38

Breaking and entering has consequences as this guy finds out. He sneaked in to my "slave correction facility" and now he finds himself naked and tied up...fully exposed. He has been secretly wanking and watching me, clearly he has a thing for dangerous women dressed in leather. I explain to him that I will jerk him off but he cannot cum by himself. I will control his cock and force him to orgasm, but it will be his last one ever. He tries to fight his predicament but he won't stand a chance.

Contains: boots, gloves, femdom, handjobs, trousers, coats/jackets, cum on gloves

Leather leggings lover Liz part 1

July 20, 2020,   7 mins 30

Liz's face lights up when she pulls on her leather leggings and her pussy gets moist as well. She loves dressing in leather for sexy fun. Feeling her fingers through her leggings as she masturbates is so amazing!

Contains: trousers, blonde, fitting, solo, masturbation, boots

Rich bitch in fur and leather

July 16, 2020,   9 mins 19

You adore what you can't have, a strict Lady dressed in the finest furs and best leather clothing. Your cock leaks just from looking at me, worshipping me and knowing you are nothing to me. I love teasing you, making you grow weaker for me. I won't stroke your cock, I'd rather touch my furs but I will allow you to spunk your load on the floor as that is where it belongs...

Contains: fur, boots, stockings, skirts, femdom, POV, JOI

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