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Hot blonde loves her leathers

September 20, 2019,   9 mins 18

Being encased in leather makes Nesty so damn hot and horny. She loves everything about leather, as you can see for yourself. Her tight leggings feel so good on her legs, ass and pussy and she just has to rub her fingers over her crotch for some erotic pleasure

Contains: blonde, solo, masturbation, boots, trousers, coats/jackets

Voyeur cums on My leather skirt part 2

September 16, 2019,   9 mins 41

I call him out, tell him to get closer and make him a deal. If he can cum on my leather skirt I will forever have enslaved him, if he fails I will expose him as the pervert that he is to the world. I know he will go for option one...

Contains: POV, handjob, cum on skirt, high heels, skirts

Dressing for leather sex part 1

September 12, 2019,   7 mins 09

Girlfriends Tina and Coco are in the mood for leather sex! Especially whilst wearing tight leather pants. So they help each other and dress themselves for pleasure.

Contains: fitting, girl/girl, trousers

The price of leather worship part 2

September 8, 2019,   13 mins 07

I start by whipping him and the more he can take, the more he endures for my pleasure, the more leather clothing items he may worship. He will have to suffer a great deal if he wants to get near my long leather coat, my high heeled boots, my sexy leatherclad ass and my sweaty, sticky leather gloves.

Contains: boots, gloves, femdom, coats/jackets, skirts

Sexy Liz in leather mini skirt

September 4, 2019,   12 mins 15

Sexy Liz is feeling extremely naughty and horny in her leather mini skirt and long gloves. She loves to be watched by you as she pleasures herself with her gloved hands.

Contains: boots, gloves, skirts, blonde, solo, masturbation

Leather shine service

August 31, 2019,   11 mins 11

Damn I am looking good in this vintage leather skirt but it is lacking a bit of lustre and shine so I call in my leather polish slave. I show him the spots that are dry and since I have not allowed him to cum for ages, his balls are nice and full with the kind of natural polish I am after. He is just a dispenser of cum to keep my leather scirt soft and shiny. I make him work for it and enjoy the feeling of spunk dripping down my skirt. Once he has fullfilled his task it is back to being chaste again.

Contains: high heels, pantyhose, POV, handjob, cum on skirt

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