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Punished and smothered by leather Dommes part2
Punished and smothered by leather Dommes part2
Punished and smothered by leather Dommes part2

Punished and smothered by leather Dommes part2

August 15, 2022,   8 mins 32

We are more powerful than him and we will make him suffer underneath our gloved hands and leatherclad butts. We smother him with a sadistic smile on our faces.

Contains: catsuit, trousers, boots, corset, gloves, femdom, blonde

Cum on my vintage leather coat

August 11, 2022,   13 mins 47

Vintage leather perfection in boots, gloves and a very special trench coat. Are you ready to have some fun? Just lay back and relax as I tease you with my gloved hands and my leather coat. I want to get your cock hard and throbbing in my hands. This coat is perfect for jerking you off, you are going to love it as I stroke and wank...until you cum all over my leathers.

Contains: boots, gloves, coats/jackets, POV, handjob, cum on gloves

Teased and denied bound leather slave

August 7, 2022,   9 mins 14

Her leather slave is in for a painful ride. His cock and balls are locked, stretched and there is no way he will be getting a release. Mistress Nomi enjoys watching him in agony as she teases him with her leathers, the close scent of her pussy and the orgasms he will never have.

Contains: bondage, femdom, dungeon, tease and denial, boots, gloves, coats/jackets, masturbation

Blast of cum for my leather skirt

August 3, 2022,   8 mins 02

I can't help but admire myself in the mirror...this long leather skirt just looks fabulous on me, doesn't it? Of course you agree...your cock is already hard for me. As the skirt is new, it will smell and feel extra soft and sexy...and guess what? I want you to stroke yourself on my rythem, getting ready to shoot a blast of cum on my black leather skirt. Can you do this?

Contains: boots, skirts, POV, JOI, femdom, pantyhose

Gina's leather biker pants

July 30, 2022,   15 mins 51

Gina is looking so hot in her biker trousers and satin shirt and she knows it. She is such a huge tease! Just look at that cute ass in leather. She even gets her pussy out through a tiny hole in her pants so she can play with it and get you even harder. Are you ready to play with this young leather babe? She is an expert at jerking you off!

Contains: trousers, blonde, high heels, POV, handjob, cum on ass

Strict leather worship

July 26, 2022,   9 mins 03

You need a strict Leather Mistress like me. Get on your knees and don't you dare to cum. You are going to listen to me carefully and worship me and only me. Be very honoured to be this close to my luxurious leathers and make sure I am happy with your performance. You live to serve me.

Contains: fur, high heels, dress, coats/jackets, pantyhose, femdom, POV, gloves

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