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Lesbian leather sex outdoors

February 20, 2018,   11 mins 36

On a sunbed covered in leather, girlfriends Coco and Annie explore each other and their fetish for leather. Nothing tastes so good as a real leather skirt that has soaked up some sun, sweet and pussy juices. The brunette babes get completely sucked in to each other and this results in one very hot, horny and real lesbian leather sex clip!

Contains: boots, skirts, outdoors, girl/girl, coats/jackets

Boot whores made to cum part 1

February 16, 2018,   7 mins 55

Madame Catarina and I, Fetish Liza, have two male boot whores at our disposal. One has his dick trapped in a cockbox so we can trample him easily with our stiletto heels. He will feel those boot soles rubbing his erection harder and harder and he will suffer underneath our boots. It is so much fun seeing him wiggle, being on the verge of explosion but he will have to wait for us Ladies to make him CUM with our footwear.

Contains: femdom, boots, trousers, skirts, corset, bootjob, cumshot

Leather boss Lady wants your cum

February 12, 2018,   8 mins 21

Boss Lady Tina is looking fierce and hot in her full leather business suit. She has the power and you are the one feeling very weak and horny for her, aren't you? Are you going to be a good boy for her and follow her instructions? She wants you to watch her as she strokes herself in her leathers, as she reveals her hot pussy...until she commands you to sum for her.

Contains: high heels, stockings, skirts, coats/jackets, JOI, tease

Vintage smoking leather sex part 2

February 8, 2018,   10 mins 48

Hot smoking sex, dressed in full leather! Watch the final part of this horny vintage hardcore clip and enjoy the huge cumshot in the end!

Contains: boots, gloves, smoking, coats/jackets, boy/girl, cumshot, handjob, blowjob

Spitroasted by leather girls

February 4, 2018,   9 mins 04

These biker babes mean business when it comes to training their male anal slut. Leather clad Daniella and Angel love to facefuck him with their strap-on cocks before they fill up his backdoor. The brutal, mean and hot girls adore "spitroasting" their slave.

Contains: femdom, strap-on, boots, stockings, gloves, skirts, blonde, coats/jackets, anal

Gloved jerk-off game

January 31, 2018,   12 mins 02

Want to play a game? It involves these gorgeous Burberry gloves and a very sexy leather outfit. Do you think you can resist and control your orgasm whilst I tease you with my long leather gloves? Because I need you to cum after 10 seconds of counting for you to win.

Contains: gloves, boots, skirts, POV, handjob, cum on gloves

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