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Cum on My shoes part 2

October 18, 2018,   7 mins 23

My office slave loves my leather gloved touch and sexy pumps on his cock. After plenty of teasing, I allow him to release himself on to my leather shoes.

Contains: high heels, skirts, corset, gloves, shoejob, cumshot, handjob

Cum on her divine boots part 2

October 14, 2018,   7 mins 08

Miss Tina Kay is getting her leather boot slave all worked up. He is so horny and so desperate to feel her divine boots around his stiff, hard cock. She lets him fuck them like a dog and orders him to lick up his spunk once he has released himself onto them.

Contains: boots, trousers, coats/jackets, gloves, cumshot, bootjob, femdom

Leather loving girlfriends part 2

October 10, 2018,   7 mins 26

Lexie and Liza are loving the taste of their leather gloves and boots so much! They watch each other as they make themselves cum with their gloved hands. Would you like to taste them?

Contains: boots, gloves, skirts, corset, dungeon, redhead, girl/girl, masturbation, stockings

Hot leather dress tease

October 6, 2018,   7 mins 47

I am wearing the perfect leather dress for teasing, super short and super tight. Do you like how my ass fits in this? How it shows my long legs in my fishnet pantyhose? Let me get you all excited about this sexy leather biker style outfit.

Contains: high heels, pantyhose, solo, tease, dress

Cum on her posh leather skirt part 2

October 2, 2018,   7 mins 17

Mistress Yasmin is loving the way her leather slave is worshipping her sexy leather heels. As she is in a good mood, he will be allowed to cum on her posh leather skirt. And what a big load of spunk it is!

Contains: skirts, high heels, cum on ass, masturbation, femdom

Leather slave training

September 28, 2018,   7 mins 23

Come here and kneel before me. Are you already intoxicated by the smell of my leathers? Are your eyes fixated on my knee high boots? I will turn you in to my leather slave, I will mesmerize you with my sexy body and black leather lingerie. You will worship every bit of leather I point out to you. Are you ready and willing?

Contains: boots, lingerie, pantyhose, dungeon, femdom, POV

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