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Shona River's first time in leather

November 12, 2018,   10 mins 33

It is Shona's first time making kinky leather clips but of course not her first time wearing leather. This stunning blonde loves the feeling of her dress and long boots. She expertly teases you with her leatherclad ass and seduces you with her horny body.

Contains: blonde, boots, dress, solo, masturbation

Leather glove fetish handjob

November 8, 2018,   13 mins 15

Let's go, I am ready and fully dressed in my leather. I see you are still naked, I wonder what you are waiting for? Are you too horny to move? Let me give you some motivation and slip in your favourite red leather gloves. I know how excited these make you! They are made from the softest leather and red is always a hot colour. I see your cock twitching already so lay back and let me take control over your manhood, mind and orgasm. I am sure you will cum hard for me!

Contains: skirts, coats/jackets, pantyhose, gloves, handjob, cum on gloves, boots

Cum release for smothered slave part 1

November 4, 2018,   6 mins 47

Princess Nikki is an expert in teasing her slaves, she particularly loves to get this one hard and on the edge. Her pungent leather skirt will make him weak...a puppet she can play with, smother and order around. It gets her wet, using her leather slave for her amusement.

Contains: blonde, high heels, skirts, femdom, handjob

Horny leather girls part 1

October 30, 2018,   8 mins 01

Do you want to see a sizzling hot lesbian sex scene? Geena and Destiny both adore wearing leather and they love to be on film. These sexy girlfriends can't get enough of it! Licking, smelling and tasting their leathers. They drive each other wild. Would you like to join them in the bedroom?

Contains: trousers, redhead, gloves, skirts, corset, girl/girl, big boobs

My Leather Pleasure Toy

October 26, 2018,   8 mins 45

You are going to me by leather pleasure toy. Follow my gloved hands all over my stockings and leather panties. Your face under my ass, inhaling the leather and pussy aroma, using your face and leather sleeve to ride me to an orgasm.

Contains: lingerie, stockings, high heels, masturbation, tease, coats/jackets, gloves

Leather loving cuckold sex part 1

October 22, 2018,   10 mins 43

Miss Coco loves her luxuries, her gorgeous leather dresses and a lifestyle for a queen. Her loser husband can pay for it all as that is the only thing he is good for. He is terrible in bed and Coco always has other lovers. Now it is time he gets cuckolded again as wifey is horny and hungry for cock. Not his dick, but her boyfriends! She involves and humiliates her worthless hubby as she enjoys her steamy sex partner.

Contains: boy/girl, cuckold, dress, blowjob, gloves, high heels, femdom

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