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Leather slave girl fucked outdoors part 2

September 24, 2017,   10 mins 47

Slave girl Dunia gets trained to be the perfect slut by her two leatherclad Mistresses. They fill her holes up with their strap-on cocks and give her a good, hard fucking outdoors. Lots of hardcore leathered lesbian fun!

Contains: outdoors, ebony, slavegirl, boots, strap-on, girl/girl, gloves, corset, skirts, trousers

Cum on shiny leather leggings part 1

September 20, 2017,   6 mins 35

So shiny, so sexy! I totally love these leggings as they make my legs and butt look so hot, don't you agree? I can tell from your erection that you like them too so let's have some leathered up fun together!

Contains: high heels, trousers, coats/jackets, handjob, POV

Wet in white leathers part 1

September 16, 2017,   6 mins 37

Wonderful weather for some horny outdoor fun in leather! Girlfriends Nomi and Nikki love to get wet in their white leather outfits. Such a hot duo!

Contains: outdoors, blonde, girl/girl, skirts, corset, dress, high heels

The leather bootfucker part 2

September 12, 2017,   7 mins 34

What a lucky boot bitch! With his cock trapped between his Mistresses leather boots, he gets to cum and release himself on to their sexy footwear

Contains: boots, femdom, trousers, corset, cumshot

Spunk on My girlfriends leather ass part 1

September 8, 2017,   6 mins 25

I love my leatherclad girlfriend Coco in these tight trousers so much! And so do you, don't you? Your cock is throbbing as you see us girls make out. We invite you to join us and share the leather fun!

Contains: boots, trousers, corset, gloves, coats/jackets, handjob, girl/girl

Leather lovers naughty phonecall

September 4, 2017,   8 mins 10

Listen in to my conversation with my naughty leather slave. He is getting so very horny and desperate as I describe all the leathers that I am wearing. My long boots, my sexy Jitrois dress, mink trimmed gloves...the phone call gets very dirty and I love teasing him from a distance.

Contains: boots, gloves, dress, pantyhose, tease

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